Jill Scharff, M.D.

 6612 Kennedy Dr.Chevy Chase, MD 20815301-951-3590


Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Georgetown University, and Teaching Analyst at the Washington Psychoanalytic Institute. She is in private practice in psychoanalysis with adults and children and couple and family psychotherapy in Chevy Chase, MD. She is the author of Projective and Introjective dentification and the Use of the Therapist's Self (1992), and senior author with David E. Scharff on Tuning the Therapeutic Instrument: Affective Learning of Psychotherapy (2000), Object Relations Individual Therapy (1998), Object Relations Therapy of Physical and Sexual Trauma (1996), and A Primer of Object Relations Therapy (1992), and The Primer of Object Relations (2005). She edited The Autonomous Self: The Work of John D. Sutherland (1994), Foundations of Object Relations Family Therapy (1992) and The Psychodynamic Image: John D. Sutherland on Self and Society (2007). With David Scharff, she co-edited New Paradigms in Treating Relationships (2006) and with Stan Tsigounis Self Hatred in Psychoanalysis (2003). Formerly Chair, Object Relations Theory and Therapy Program Washington School of Psychiatry (1993-1994), she is Co-director of IPI and Chair of the International Institute for Psychoanalytic Training at IPI.